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Monday 6 January 2020

Independent Innovative Creative

Seeing as how the  Magnet New Music Sampler which I recently shared with you was met with considerable indifference here is another one for you

Independent Innovative Creative was a series of samplers  from Vital Sales and Marketing in the mid 00's. for promtional use only. Also marketed as the Chain With No Name.
I'm not quite sure how indiecreative 9 from 2006 came into my possession but it contains one or two which are worth a listen.

The first track is by The Holloways who I suspect will be no strangers to our good friend  Brian
This track is from their debut album So This is Great Britain? On the TVT label and produced by Langer and Winstanley.
They had five number one's in the UK Independent Singes Chart .This was not one of them

Clinic are an English rock band who record on the Domino label.
Havest was a single from 2006. Not sure if it is the same song as Harvest (Within You)  a song which features on their album Visitations but it probably is.

Finally we are off to Finland to catch up with ambient pop band Husky Rescue .The song  Diamonds in the Sky is track two on their second full length album Ghost is Not Real from 2006 on Catskills Records.

I wonder if there any others out there that I can subject you to.

The Holloways - What's The Difference

Clinic - Harvest

Husky Rescue - Diamonds in the Sky


  1. Three good tracks today, more of this!

  2. Some of those Magnet samplers were compiled brilliantly. Never had this one. I don't really know the Holloways outside of the fact one of members died of a drug overdose. That's not necessarily how a band wants to be remembered.

  3. I loved the Holloways album.

  4. I think Clinic would be surprised to be called a rock band but then I'm not a member of Clinic and besides I can't come up with an alternative genre name so.....rock band it is. I like Clinic.