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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Crazy For You

No, not Madonna

My second charity shop purchase of 2020 is Crazy For You by Best Coast purchased in Barnardos on Glasgow's Great Western Road for a pound.
I'm wondering whether I will have the wherewithall, inclination and ability to post all this year's charity shop purchases chronilogically. We'll see how it goes.

This one was also a bit of a punt but less of a punt than Lucette given that their name rang a vague bell. It also has a summery looking cover which subliminally drew me in given the foul weather outside.

Crazy For You was their 2010 debut album and was released on the Mexican Summer label.
Best Coast are from California and are songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Bethany Cosentiono and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno.
Apparently Bethany is a former child actor and the album was released with a large degree of hype which is probably how it initially crossed my radar.
They were described in the Gruniard as like a lo-fi 60s garage rock and surfing band fronted by a girl group singer. That's good enough for me.

They remind me of some one but I'm not sure who.I'm quite liking it.

To date Crazy For You is the only album on the shelves to have attended a football match at Firhill

Best Coast - Goodbye

Best Coast - When I'm With You


  1. The sleeve looks familiar, but I can't recall hearing any music from the band before. Very good. A keeper I hope?

  2. I've got the first two albums which are both very good. There were a few bands that sounded similar at this time, Cults for one.

  3. The first few albums are great...simple lyrics that work in a big way. Check the second album "The Only Place". Two great songs "Up All Night", and "How They Want Me to Be"...They feel a bit like the Raveonettes.

    1. That's probably who I was thinking of!

  4. Crazy For You is a great Madonna song though.