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Monday 27 January 2020

Sorry Ron

I was quite excited to read that Canadian singer songwriter Ron Sexsmith is coming to Glasgow  and is playing at Cottiers Theatre on 8th June 2020.
When the tickets went on sale I duly clicked on and was all set to purchase until I saw the prices  -£38.50 or £50.65.
Maybe that's the going rate these days  but keen as I am to seeing him I'm afraid I'm not prepared to pay those prices.

It could be worse I suppose. It is £71.50 to see Van Morrison at the Kelvingrove Bandstand in the open air  in Raintown.

So sorry Ron I won't be getting in line as I couldn't believe it when I saw it

Ron Sexsmith - Get in Line

Ron Sexsmith - Believe It When I See It


  1. I'm a huge Van Morrison fan and have seen him a dozen times or more, but 70 quid is way too much.

    Sometimes you have to draw a line, even though you hate to do it.

    1. You're not wrong there. Nik Kershaw did a gig in Lisbon a couple of years ago but I baulked at the €40 ticket price

  2. I love Ron as well (today's two tunes are particular favourites), but that's crazy money for tickets.

  3. That is pricey. I rarely pay more than £25 for tickets these days, unless it's someone I or MrsRobster really love (New Model Army, Pixies, Public Service Broadcasting, etc.)

    However, I draw the line at £50, so imagine my disappointment when the cheapest tickets for Nick Cave's 2020 tour at Cardiff's soulless, cavernous Motorpoint Arena were more than £60. Not paying that, whoever it is.

  4. Roaming Roota Revue with at least 8 acts performing 2 0r 3 songs each was just under £25 last night.
    That was value for money

  5. As a Glaswegian at heart I always check the Kelvingrove Bandshell summer lineup and dream of coming over for local heroes like Roddy Frame or Teenage Fanclub. Neither are coming this time, but there are a stable of stars that do not disappoint. If I could go to one show this year, I would choose the double bill of Edwyn Collins and Altered Images that closes out the season. Yep, I would pay the £35 ticket price for that one.

  6. I was just checking Ron Sexsmith's discography. I really lost touch with his work after Cobblestone Runway. Wow, much work to do to catch up.

  7. didn't even bother looking for tickets for the Mary Chain as the prices for an open air gig in Glasgow when the chances are it will be pishing down and freeing are ridiculous. Roddy Frame last time was something like £55 for one man and a guitar, is serious piss taking.

  8. I find ticket prices generally put me off gigging these days. That and the effort involved in going out late at night. I'd be more interested in afternoon gigs. Going to bed for free is more appealing to me than paying £50 to stay out late.

  9. I live in the affluent south - OK then, Sheffield - but 30 quid would be about my max and that for a legend (not many of those to the pound these days) and deffo not at any arena/warehouse type gig. As much as I like Ron I wouldn't really want to be stumping up more than 20 or 25 at a push - and then there's your gig-going partner to consider which doubles it at a stroke. I'm the same at National Trust and English Heritage sites too - I'm a tightwad laughing stock in my family but I think they secretly agree with me too.

  10. On a similar note, I saw that Vanessa Paradis is doing one of them there gig things in that there London. Tickets starting at around £42. I know precisely two of her songs, neither of which is worth £21 to see her do live. Enter your own mucky comments about how to make up the balance here if you like.