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Wednesday 8 January 2020

The Coin Continues to Spin

Permo is the 2017 debut album by Glasgow band Spinning Coin.
Produced by Edwyn Collins and released on Stephen Pastel's Geographical label so all the influence/legend boxes are well and truly ticked.

Some of the blurb on their Bandcamp page reads:

The fourteen songs on Permo trace all kinds of terrain, though the overarching story might be that of a group looking for escapism, somehow and anyhow, in the midst of a social and cultural climate that’s closing down possibilities for difference and community.

If they thought 2017 was bad ...

They have a new album Hyacinth scheduled for release on 21st February on Domino so are clearly on the up and up
Cal Donnelly has left the band and has been replaced by Rachel Taylor

Here are a couple from Permo followed by a video for one of the new ones Feel You More Than World Right Now. A brief tour is scheduled for March  to promote the new record.

Spinning Coin - Raining on Hope Street

Spinning Coin - Metronone River


  1. Particularly like that new tune.

  2. I have been anticipating the new one for a while now. Since 2017 one band member has been replaced and two have moved from Glasgow to Berlin. A great band that can hopefully keep it together. I think this one will be on Domino's Geographic again. You are right that Geographic is run by Stephen and Katrina.