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Tuesday 7 January 2020

A Mountain to Climb

The Diggers were a Scottish powerpop band who released one album on the Creation label in 1997.

I must have quite liked them as I have the CD single Nobody's Fool which I think I got at the time and another CD single Peace of Mind which I subsequently picked up in a charity shop in February 2017.

One of my last charity shop purchases of 2019 was their sole  album Mount Everest.
I now only need the CD single of O.K. Alright to own their entire catalogue. gives the album a score of 3.32 out of 5 from 34 ratings which is probably about right.
Perfectly pleasant and inoffensive jingly jangly guitar pop and well worth a pound or so of anybody's money.

The Diggers - Come On Easy

The Diggers - O.K. Alright


  1. "well worth a pound or so of anybody's money."
    Hardly a ringing endorsement! so now I will play the tracks..........

  2. Not sure its worth €1.17 of my money, but track 2 is pleasant enough

    1. The two singles I 've got are probably the best tracks but I have featured them before

  3. I have them doin' a track on a split 7" with The Boo Radleys.

    1. Still a bit to go then!
      Thanks for the heads up Sid

  4. I remember these guys. Mount Everest was a good little album.