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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tape Deck Heart

Another holiday charity purchase and this one is much more like it - this is what modern folk music should sound like.
The only previous Frank Turner album I have England Keep My Bones is on the Folk shelves and 2013's Tape Deck Heart will be joining it there.
Today's cheery topic is self harm. I'm not sure whether Tell Tales Signs is autobiographical or not but whatever Frank shows typical courage in tackling what is often still  considered a taboo subject.
After a slow start we then have something altogether more raucous It's great stuff but makes me think I am probably too old to be down in the mosh pit singing along.

Frank Turner - Tell Tale Signs

Frank Turner - Four Simple Words


  1. Great album. We featured home a few weeks back. Top bloke.

  2. Frank Turner gives me hope for music once the old guard are gone...