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Thursday, 12 May 2016

CC Plays 10cc

10cc were the second band I ever saw live way back in 1976 at the Glasgow Apollo.
Although primarily viewed as a singles band they have produced some good albums with some fairly adventurous stuff on them
I have three of their studio albums on the shelves all charity shop purchases.
However being a lazy git I've opted for two songs off The Very Best Of CD.

I've never been quite sure of Dreadlock Holiday. Is it racist, xenophobic or patronising or is it just a rather good pop song?
 One thing is for sure it is hard to think of it being released today

10cc - Wall Street Shuffle

10cc - Dreadlock Holiday


  1. Good God, what's happening man? Have you gone bonkers?

    1. No Fox on the Run I'll grant you but if it's on the shelves it's going on!

  2. Isn't this one for being re-charitied?

    1. No I quite like it!
      I have worse records, much worse

    2. I can see a series there: Records WORSE than 10cc's greatest hits.

  3. I like 10cc... but then I like lots of stuff the musos hate. As to whether Dreadlock Holiday is racist... I wondered the same thing when I included it in My Top 10 Hairstyle Songs. If you read the history of how the song was written, there's a certain amount of xenophobia to the experiences that informed it, but I don't think it's racist... well, no more than anything else was in 1978 (i.e. quite a lot, actually).