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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Namechecked - Bob Dylan

Welcome to my new Saturday Series - Namechecked
Before we get started a brief word about the also rans.
Dr George the Peanut Farmer's suggestion of charity purchases to be re-charitied has been discounted for reasons explained on my post on Monday
His other suggestion was to feature more of my brothers records. They will continue to pop up periodically
kevinpat's suggestion of travel songs was rather good and is one that  I will probably revisit

No the series is namechecked - and is inspired in no small part by the Robster's recent post of Charlotte Hatherley's song Kim Wilde
The idea is that I will play a song which namechecks another artist either in the title or the lyrics and will then feature a song by the artist namechecked
(Spell check is suggesting that name checked should be two words but I'm sticking with one)

Let's start with a pretty obvious one
A Song for Bob Dylan features on the classic David Bowie album Hunky Dory
Here this Robert Zimmerman I wrote a song for you
Bowie is followed by Bob with a namecheck song of his own from Desire. Not a musician but a boxer in that it is a protest song about the miscarriage of justice which led to the jailing of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter"

Hopefully you get the picture - more next Saturday

David Bowie - Song for Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Hurricane


  1. Namechecked. Are you taking suggestions?

  2. Happy to but I'll need to own the song and have one by the person name checked

  3. CC, were you not able to access the blog?

    ("Desire" is a favourite Dylan album of mine.)

    1. Received permission but can't seem to access it
      Can you e-mail me details - ta

  4. This sounds like fun. Two great tunes to start with.

  5. Great idea how about for starters...
    MGMT 'song for Dan Treacy' and then anything by the television personalities.
    Sons and Daughters 'Johnny Cash' and then 'hurt'.

  6. A great start to a fascinating and challenging series.

  7. Cool.

    See also...

    Bob Dylan Dream by Against Me! (Not the same as Bob Dylan's Dream by... erm, Bob Dylan.)

    My Personal Apology To Bob Dylan by The Action Spectacular.

  8. 'Bobby's alright, Bobby's alright
    He's a natural born poet
    He's just outta sight...' from 'Telegram Sam by T.Rex