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Monday, 9 May 2016

Bluegrass Monday # 9

When I was looking for suggestions for a new series George the Peanut Farmer suggested charity shop records which should be re-charitied.
To date I have only done this on a rare occasion when the record/CD is truly awful.
At the moment I still have some space on the shelves but there may come a time when cull is required
An album which is unlikely to survive such a cull is Punch the 2008 debut by the Punch Brothers.

The first song Punch Bowl is a cracking bit of bluegrass, Thereafter  for me it goes down hill very rapidly with a form of classical and jazz based bluegrass/folk which is really not my cup of tea at all.
This includes a forty minute suite in four movements called The Blind Leading the Blind which I will spare you from.

More  bluegrass (of a non classical or jazzy variety) next Monday.

Punch Brothers - Punch Bowl

Punch Brothers - Nothing, Then


  1. that's DOCTOR George the Peanut Farmer, to you!

  2. Listened to the tracks. Do you think Punch Bowl is a sort of Prog-Bluegrass? That second track sounds verymuch like something else (which of course I can't remember)

  3. I do like the first track but not the rest of the album. Have not heard anything else by them and would have to be reassured that it is not more of the same