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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Election Day

It's Election day today which can only mean one thing - Billy Bragg

I must admit that following on from the Referendum and the General Election I am finding it hard to build up any enthusiasm for today's elections to the Scottish Parliament.
The SNP are home and hosed with the only debate being whether they will win another absolute majority. Labour remain a busted flush but perhaps the Greens and Rise will do ok in the list voting

The one thing we have learnt from this election however is that we need more rigorous interviewing of the party leaders by Gary -Tank Commander

Use your vote wisely

Billy Bragg - From Red to Blue

Billy Bragg and the Blokes - Take Down The Union Jack


  1. It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government will always get in.

  2. Davidson, the leader of the opposition in Scotland. The Tories more popular than Labour. How the hell did we come to this, Jesus!

    1. Looks like it is down to the constitution Drew with Labour currently an irrelevance