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Monday, 23 May 2016

Scottish Girl Groups

No downloads today.
Rather some music by predominantly female Scottish bands that you should make it your business to acquire.

I can't remember the last time I eagerly awaited the release of a new LP as much as I am waiting for the release of Sister by TeenCanteen the Glasgow all girl band.
I'm beginning to wish that I had signed up to the album pledge and then at least I would already have the download in my possession.
100 Fables are not exclusively female but are fronted by the inimitable Lynsey Liora and deliver as their website says a mixture of mid 70's CBGBs as well as post punk electronica. They have some interesting covers on You Tube and their new single Metropolis is well worth purchasing.
Tuff Love a duo featuring Julie Eisenstein and Susie Bear have been around for a wee while longer.
On The Pictish Trial's Lost Map Records from the island of Eigg they have recently released an album Resort a compilation of their previously released three EPs.

Enjoy and please support the artists



  1. I think I was introduced to Teen Canteen via your good self, while I believe Brian tipped me off to Tuff Love. Let's also not forget Carla's other project, Ette, whose 'Homemade Lemonade' is also imminent.

    1. Much as I would love to take the credit for introducing the world to TeenCanteen Swede they came to my attention via JC and Scott