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Friday, 27 May 2016

Coming Soon - Vintage Country Vinyl

Three vinyl purchases of vintage Country on my holidays have given my the notion for a new series which will appear shortly.
Unfortunately the pictured album by Bobby Bare will not feature.
It was purchased but sadly snapped in half as I was gently manipulating it in an effort to alleviate a slight warp.
Rest easy however as in an amazing piece of foresight an 11th hour purchase was The Essential Bobby Bare on CD for a quid (the vinyl was £2.99)
So here is Bobby with his version of Streets of Baltimore.
Needless to say his version, and indeed all others, pale into insignificance when compared to the genius that was Gram Parsons

Bobby Bare - The Streets of Baltimore

Gram Parsons - Streets of Baltimore


  1. Absolutely brilliant songs today.

  2. Have you kept the vinyl pieces? It doesn't count in your album total, you know!

  3. No it had not been catalogued.
    Only got to listen to one side.
    Three pieces two big ones and a wee one
    First time it has ever happened
    It made an almighty racket - Mrs CC heard it from the other room together with my rather loud expletives

  4. Great start for this new series. Looking forward to what's coming next.

  5. Sounds like my kind of series...