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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 43

Some of the purists may not like this week's choice but hey ho it's my show!
The Soul Sessions, by the then 16 year old  English lass Joss Stone on Relentless Records in 2003, is surely worthy of inclusion and compares favourably with many of the artists she covers.
She was so young her mother went along as a chaperone during the recording of the record!
Produced by Betty Wright, Steve Greenberg and Michael Mangini it quickly went platinum in the UK and importantly introduced a whole new generation to the joy of 60s and 70s Soul.
Every one of the 10 tracks is a belter.
I have chosen Harlan Howard's The Chokin' Kind as I referred to it in last week's Joe Simon post and it was the reason I dusted this down from the shelves and gave it a spin.
Also it is only fitting that Dirty Man gets an airing given its association with Betty Wright.
After this record not unsurprisingly her management pushed her in a pop direction where she had some early success but she has drifted somewhat in more recent years.
I wasn't aware that Soul Sessions Volume 2 had been released in 2012 and must check it out
Apparently she is currently working on a hip hop and reggae album with Damian Marley

Joss Stone - The Chokin' Kind

Joss Stone -Dirty Man

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  1. It was her brilliant take on the White Stripes 'Fell In Love With A Girl/Boy' that drew me to this record. It is a belter as you rightly describe. She's also a Devon girl which makes her doubleplusgood in my book.