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Friday, 4 July 2014

Rabbit Songs

Those of you cultivating vegetables will be living in fear of a visit from one of our little furry chums on the look out for a free feed.
I am told that they are quite tasty particularly in a pie or a stew
However if this is not your bag you could always try distraction by playing them Rabbit Songs the 2002 debut album on Dreamworks by Brooklyn based band Hem. They will be so enthralled that they will stop munching and put their rather large ears to good use.
Purchased along with their second album 2004's Eveningland on Rounder for a fiver in a St Andrews charity shop.
Sally Ellyson on vocals.You will have heard the second song before but not necessarily by them.

Hem - Lazy Eye

Hem - The Cuckoo


  1. Never heard the 2nd's a nice bluegrass-y tune---are yo u going to tell me I've goit it by someone else??

    1. I've got ot by someone else but not sure who

  2. Thew is a version on Blue Horse by The Be Good Tanyas an album you have been raving about recently!