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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 41

It's super group time on Southern Soul Sunday with The Soul Clan and That's How it Feels

A collective set up in 1966 by Solomon Burke with Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Joe Tex and Don Covay
By 1998 as you can see from the picture Otis and Wilson had been replaced by Arthur Conley and Ben E King. To add to the superstar status the recently sadly departed Bobby Womack co-wrote this song with Don Covay.

All these artists have appeared before individually on SSS with the exception of Solomon and Ben E.Solomon has appeared on CCM before but not as part of SSS.So  time to put this right.

Here is Solomon from the same glorious Kent Sanctified Soul album from which That's How it Feels was taken with his version of the country classic He'll Have to Go immortalised by the great Jim Reeves.
Ben E King went on to become a Drifter. Here he is with the classic Leiber and Stoller song Spanish Harlem. 

The Soul Clan -That's How it Feels

Solomon Burke -He'll Have to Go

Ben E King -Spanish Harlem


  1. "That's How It Feels" is a great great song. One to play for our little dog right now

  2. I'd like to report that she came out from her hiding place and listened with me, but sadly that would not be the truth. Joe Tex's contribution is outstanding.

    1. Probably a bit too early to try out I Wanna Be Your Dog by the Stoogies!
      You may be on safer ground with Love Me Love My Dog.
      I think you should do a dog themed mix for Cooking Up A Quiet Storm!

  3. but that Pete Shelley song is beyond dire.