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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Raul Rules

I like The Mavericks. There I've said it.
I've a couple of their albums and they will feature on CCM at some stage.
I realise that their music has been hi-jacked somewhat by the line dancing fraternity.
However their songs remain excellent country songs albeit with a Latin kick to them.
The Latin kick is courtesy of front man Raúl Francisco Martínez-Malo Jr or Senior Raul Malo to you and me
Today's tracks are taken from his 2002 solo album on Gravity Today. There is roughly a 50/50 split of songs sung in English and songs sung in Spanish so it seemed only fair to give you one of each..
Purchased in Stranraer, a pretty desperate place when the ferry operated from there to Larne and now even more desperate given that the ferry has moved further up Loch Ryan turning Stranraer into a bit of a ghost town.

Raul Malo - Today

Raul Malo - Ya Tu Veras

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