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Thursday 3 July 2014

Janie Jones

Dirk  very kindly answered my query from last week's Saturday Lucky Dip as to the origin of the line Fill Her Up Jacko which I thought related to Joe Strummer.
He confirmed that it was indeed a Strummer/ Jones composition and that it was from Janie Jones from The Clash 1977 debut album.
He instructed me to listen to it at the earliest opportunity which I have done.He did not insist that I share it with you but I feel it would be churlish not to.
Janie Jones was a 60's pop singer in London but achieved fame as a brothel keeper jailed for her involvement in  a BBC Radio 1 sex for airplay  payola scandal (I'm sure she drew the line at DLT!)
Here is the lady herself backed by members of the Clash and the Blockheads with House of the Juju Queen

The Clash - Janie Jones

Janie Jones & the Lash - House of the Juju Queen


  1. Janie Jones is a great song, great opening song to the first lp.

  2. I've got the US version of the CD Adam hence track 9

  3. One of The Clash's finest moments, that's for sure!