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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 42

This week's artist is Mr Joe Simon born the son of a Baptist minister in Simmesport, Louisiana in 1943 and thankfully still with us although he stopped recording towards the end of the 90s
The featured songs are his first two singles on the Vee-Jay label
From 1964 My Adorable One written by Irral Berger and Clara Thompson was  an archtypical Southern Soul Ballad later covered by James Carr and Percy Sledge.Originally released on  Gee Bee but licensed by Vee-Jay for national distribution
Joe pitched up in Muscle Shoals in 1965 to record Let's Do It Over which was the first big Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham  penned hit.
He went on to have 3 US Billboard R&B number ones - The Chokin' Kind in 1969 (later covered by Joss Stone, The Power of Love in 1972 and Get Down, Get Down (Get on the Floor) in 1975
In the late 70's and early 80's he began to devote his music and his life to Christianity becoming an evangelical preacher

Joe Simon - My Adorable One

Joe Simon -Let's Do it Over


  1. I thought the first song was a belter. Then I played the second one.......

  2. Both great songs CC. I also love "(You Keep Me) Hangin' On". There is a sort of richness to his voice that just suits these songs perfectly...

  3. CC,
    I really like 'Let's Do It Over' (which I hadn't heard before.) Thanks for posting it!

    P.S. I didn't realize that I'd forgotten to restore your link (memory issues, uh-oh) when I re-opened (I usually jump over here from Scott's.) Sorry about that - have rectified the oversight.


  4. CC- I found your blog today! Odd that your post today was a fellow Louisiana native. Great work I truly enjoyed it and spending some time going through your past posts. I will be back. Thanks!

    1. Welcome aboard Christian. I can't promise you Louisiana every day although Bobbie Gentry's Louisiana Man may well feature as may bluesman Louisiana Red!

  5. CC,
    I forgot to ask if you might re-load my link in your side-bar, when you have a minute? Seems I didn't have the feed turned on until just recently.

    Ta very much,