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Monday, 11 November 2013

Come On Sharleen

There are a few Texas CD's gracing the shelves in CCM mansions.
I think they are alright but I can't say I play them all that often. You are always guaranteed to find a Texas CD in any West of Scotland charity shop.
I have always liked Sharleen Spiteri - in any interview or article she comes across as level headed and down to earth and not as pretentious as many of her musical colleagues.
My pals and I once had a chat with her and the Jayhawks when they played in the Garage in Glasgow and she joined them on stage to sing Blue.
Her solo album Melody is pretty good, the follow up The Movie Songbook is best avoided.

This is for George who does not have any Sharleen in his collection to help aid his recovery

Sharleen Spiteri - All The Times I Cried

Sharleen Spiteri - Francoise