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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Budos Gold

It's time for some Staten Island based, heavily bearded instrumental funk courtesy of the Budos Band.

From the mighty Daptone Records stable they take inspiration from African music,psychedelic rock and doom metal (whatever that may be).
They range from around 10 to 12 members led by the splendidly named Jared Tankel on baritone saxophone.
Their imaginatively named albums are the Budos Band, Budos Band II and Budos Band III along with an EP  somewhat surprisingly entitled the Budos Band EP
All recorded in the Daptone House of Soul studio in Brooklyn, New York
Apparently, they have played on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.
Perhaps it's just as well as their funky music would almost certainly melt the polar ice cap!

The Budos Band - Up From the South

The Budos Band - Budos Rising


  1. That is really good CC. It just goes to show that you should never judge people on looks alone as you would never expect that mob with way too much facial hair would make those sounds.

    1. You are indeed correct Drew
      I wasn't really aware of them but bought a Daptone Gold compilation when I purchased Charles Bradley. There are some more crackers on there which will feature in due course

  2. I agree with some of Drew's comments. ie good. But I think we should judge by appearances!!! I, and I bet you, have bought albums based solely on the cover. The latest will feature over at Jim McLean.

    1. I can think of one or two George - could well be a series there!

  3. Almost as many comments as hits for this post!