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Friday, 8 November 2013

There's Whisky in the Jar-o

The last time I was in Dublin, around 3 years ago, I spent a very pleasant afternoon sampling Guinness with my brothers-in-law in few of Dublin's fine pubs prior to ending up in the pub beside the statue of Philip Parris Lynott -a son of Crumlin.
Here are a couple of versions of his most famous song one from the Lizzy themselves and one from Hazeldine an Americana band from Albuquerque.

I think Phil may have been partial to the occasional Guinness but on this occasion he had whisky in his jar-o
I've gone for the two alternative spellings as per the albums

Thin Lizzy - Whisky in the Jar

Hazeldine - Whiskey in the Jar


  1. My eldest is now at Liverpool Uni and once a year they have the Mathew Street festival where the whole of the city centre is shut off to traffic and there are stages with various tribute bands palying. 2 years ago we saw Tin Lizzy play and they had the biggest crowd of all the bands all day

  2. Forgot to include in the post but Lesley Crowther of Crackerjack and Come On Down fame was Phil's father-in-law. Strange but true