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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 17

Bloodshot Tuesday 13 - 2 hits; Bloodshot Tuesday 16 - 194 hits and counting.
Such are the vagaries of the blogger's world.
This week's offering is from Ha Ha Tonka , a band from West Plains, Missouri with their excellently named 2007 album Buckle in the Bible Belt (BS145)
Purchased in Missing Records, Glasgow for two pounds.

One quote on the Bloodshot website claims their music owes as much to Paul Simon as Big Star.
I prefer the quote that states "Ha Ha Tonka combines the rustic twang of the Ozark region with Southern rock riffs and a flair for inventive, melodic songwriting."
They put me a wee bit in mind of the Drive-By Truckers
It will be interesting to see whether this one is in the BS13 camp or the BS16 camp or more probably somewhere in the middle

Ha Ha Tonka - St Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor

Ha Ha Tonka - Bully in the Pulpit

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  1. Never heard of the band before - but great stuff. Thank you Sir