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Saturday 16 November 2013

Cerys -Solo Mission

6 Radio DJ and former "I'm a Nonentity" participant  Cerys Matthews has previously graced these pages in duets with Space and Tom
Here she goes solo with a couple of weather related songs from the rather fabulous Never Said Goodbye - Rough Trade (2006) which I bought a couple of weeks ago in Oxfam at Clarkston Toll, Glasgow.
I was convinced that the second song was a cover but no it was written by Cerys and Gruff Rhys
And then it came to me - it reminds me of Pleasant Valley Sunday which has also featured here
She may yet appear as part of Catatonia.

Cerys Matthews - The Endless Rain

Cerys Matthews - Morning Sunshine


  1. There is a song on her first solo album, Caught In The Middle which is really good. I think I may give the album another listen today.

  2. Any more self references to be had?

  3. You;re right though. First one does sound that like Monkees song.