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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Big 10 Incher

Bullmoose Jackson's carry-onesque (think I might have invented a new word) Big Ten Inch record  recently featured on Jim McLean's Rabbit  got me to thinking about the 10 inch singles (all two of them) which I own.
First up is Big Decision by That Petrol Emotion

My memory may be failing me but I think it may well have come free with the splendid album Babble.
That Petrol Emotion featured John and Damian O'Neill , two former Undertones us bloggers can wax lyrical about unlike Dirk's pen pal F****l S*****y

Like many of us out there the band would "rather cross the ocean than make a big decision"

That Petrol Emotion -Big Decision


  1. Love this song, will always be tagged on to Monday nights in the Mudd Club in Aberdeen circa 87/88. Happy days mostly due to the Furstenberg and a girl called Debbie but also the music.

    Didn't know that it came out as a 10".

  2. Great song. I intended to post this song in the next days but you were faster.

  3. I'm sure you will come up with something equally good Walter