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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 15

Bloodshot celebrated their 100th catalogue release by producing a compilation "Making Singles Drinking Doubles" (BS100)  a play on words on the great Gary Stewart song " She's Acting Single (I'm Drinking Doubles)"

A splendid compilation of 18 songs with many of the artists who have previously graced Bloodshot Tuesday featuring.
A band who have not featured yet are The Meat Purveyors and here you are getting three for the price of one with their Madonna Trilogy (BS046) a 1999 single with a limited edition of 500
Hailing from Austin Texas, the Meat Purveyors consisted of Jo Watson- Vocals, Charilyn diMond -upright bass and vocals, Bill Anderson - guitar and vocals and Pete Stiles - mandolin.


The Meat Purveyors - The Madonna Trilogy


  1. Excellent music. Great mandolin.

  2. Is this just one track at 7mins 40seconds?

  3. shouldn't you be counting those paperclips? And set your clock time, it's not 5 in the morning (as Faron Young almost said).

  4. Off this week. Didn't know I could set the time and have been busy subtracting 7 hours from Pacific Std Time!