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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 16

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts are a bunch of late 20th Century folk dedicated to playing the music of Country Music's rebels, innovators and survivors.
Formed in 1994 and based in Chicago they are led, somewhat inevitably  by Jonboy Langford.
Here on BS029 from 1998 they Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills.

Some facts about Bob Will courtesy of the PVCs

  • He once rode fifty miles on horse back to hear Bessie Smith sing the blues
  • He was the first man to use drums on the Grand ole Opry and was ready to pack up and go home if they wouldn't let him
  • When asked what he thought about rock'n' roll he replied that he has been rockin' since 1928
  • He never hollored on demand
The PVCs are joined by a number of guests on this album and I have chosen two not necessarily associated with the Bloodshot stable.
AND, as an added bonus, I have included the King of Western Swing himself with perhaps his most famous song.

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  1. Someone out there likes this - it is getting a lot of hits!