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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hippity Hop

I feel I may be encroaching into Vinyl Villian territory with this post about 80's Scottish indie band Hipsway.
I'm sure JC could give you their history chapter and verse in his usual elegant style.

A certain on- line encyclopedia tells me they consisted of Grahame Skinner who I know has featured on the VV's pages in various guises, Johnny McElhone who went on to form Texas, Pim Jones and Harry Travers.

What I do know is that The Honeythief is a tremendous song.
Those of you of a Caledonian persuasion and a certain vintage (i.e. George, Drew, Scott and indeed JC) may also recognise Tinder from a McEwan's lager advert - the music being considerably better than the beer!
A recent purchase in North Berwick

Hipsway - The Honeythief

Hipsway - Tinder


  1. They had some success in Italy too. 'The Honeythief' video is still heavily broadcasted by some italian TV channels specialized in 80's music. Is it just me or the lyrics don't make any sense?

  2. Loved Long White Car but wasn't overly impressed by anything else and I do remember that ad for the boggin' lager.

  3. Luca,
    You are absolutely right my friend
    "Sleek big cat, bible black Honeysuckle I would never deny The light of deep regret Let me see what I don't get"
    Makes no sense whatsoever!

  4. I think boggin' might be bigging it up Drew!

  5. There used to be a great record shop in North Berwick when I was a kid. Many a single bought there the first Sat of the summer holidays and then having to wait until the next Sunday to play it when we got home from the caravan.

  6. I worked in the Marine Hotel in the summer and Xmas of 79 Drew and there were no record shops then to my knowledge- but then I rarely got further than the pubs -Nether Abbey and Quarterdeck as I recall