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Thursday 7 November 2013

Another Big 10 Incher

My second 10 inch single is from the Lonely Lover himself,  Gregory Isaacs and is the great Night Nurse from the album of the same name from 1982.
Somewhat criminally this was covered by Simple Red but don't let that put you off the original.
How can Mick Hucknall convincingly sing

Tell her it's a case of emergency
There's a patient by the name of Gregory

Sadly Gregory died from lung cancer on October 2010 and is now fraternising with the angels of a more celestial kind.

Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse

1 comment:

  1. Mr Hucknall has form for this kind of thing. Is it too harsh to say that he has only recently escaped punishment for his versions of Bobby "Blue" Bland songs? Excellent song you posted today. Excellent. I have the album.