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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 14

According to Blogger I have had only 2 views of my Bloodshot 13 post (thank you Jon and Sally!)
This trumped my previous low of 4 views for Wayne Hancock.
Am I disheartened? Yes
Will I stop subjecting you to Bloodshot Records? No!
Here is hopefully a more popular post. Let's face it it could hardly be less popular!
Neko Case is, after Ryan Adams, probably the best known of the artists who have featured in the Bloodshot stable

With her band The Boyfriends, Furnace Room Lullaby  (BS050) is the middle of her 3 albums on Bloodshot before she went on to bigger things. Here is a song with an apt title!
Hopefully this post will reach double figures!

Neko Case & her Boyfriends - Twist the Knife


  1. This track got to no. 1 in the festive 50. I thought you might post "honky tonk hiccups"!!!!

  2. Don't trust all too much in blogger statistics, mate: I have a feeling they are not always correct ...

  3. There's time yet George!
    You are probably right Dirk -although it looks as though I have reached the dizzy heights of double figures for this week's post!

  4. Hey, I come here at least once a day, and usually more than that, even if I don't always leave a comment. You should ask Drew how works.