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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Val's Vinyl


This week Val goes Motown or rather Pickwick (by arrangement with Motown Records)

As you can see from the album cover above Vol 1. Motown Monster Hits features a number of household names albeit it only has nine tracks.

The problem is that the quality isn't very good . Not sure if it is the music or the production and recording. Given the pedigree of the acts I suspect the latter.

From 1976 it is available on Discogs from £1.73. It is probably the sort of album that I would swither about picking up in a charity shop and certainly wouldn't pay more than a couple of quid for.

Despite the stellar cast I'm not sure that it's a keeper

Marvin Gaye - Your Unchanging Love

Four Tops - Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Shoot Your Shot


  1. The Marvin Gaye track is a link to . As is your link to discogs. It seems to be an album with four well known tracks and some motown filler.