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Thursday, 27 August 2020



2020 Charity Shop Purchase 31 - Lou Reed - Transformer 

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I really should get myself some more Velvet Underground. That hasn't happened yet but here is the next best thing - some more Lou Reed.

Like the Pixies and Doolittle I had never  got round to picking up Transformer his 1972 second solo album on RCA primarily because I had most to the songs on two best of albums - one vinyl and one CD.I was 11 when it came out, maybe a wee bit too young for some of the subject matter.

Even though it cost me 25p I thought what the hell, why not push the boat out.

I shall spare you the ubiquitous Perfect Day and Walk on the Wild Side. Rather you are getting Vicious, which I have never owned before, and Satellite of Love which is quite possibly my favorite song of his.

Produced by some boy called David Bowie and arranged by Mick Ronson - wonder whatever happened to them.

Lou Reed - Vicious

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love


  1. Morissey does a splendid version of Satellite of Love

  2. Vicious is a blast isn't it? Transformer can feel both a bit lightweight and utterly essential.

    1. An excellent and accurate description there Adam

  3. I have read mixed feelings on Reed post VU in our little circle. I lean on giving him the benefit of the doubt even on albums where I probably shouldn't. Yes, I even have at least three '80s-era albums on the shelf. Certainly nothing wrong with the two songs you chose today, CC.

  4. Listening to Satellite of Love again just now, you wonder where Lou Reed ends and Bowie begins. Given his other stuff from that period, Bowie could easily have written that song and... blow me down, it could almost be him doing the vocals too. I'm not suggesting any conspiracy theory stuff here but.....