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Friday, 14 August 2020

End of the Century

We were sitting in the garden on a sultry summer evening enjoying the last remnants of the sun when I had an urge to play End of the Century by The Ramones.
After all, you can't go surfing when it's 20 below
From 1980 on Sire Records it is their 5th studio album. I got my copy in pretty much mint condition for £4.99 at a record fair.

The Bruddahs produced by Phil Spector.
What's not to love?

The Ramones - Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio?

The Ramones - Danny Says


  1. "We were sitting in the garden,,,,,,,,,,play End of the Century "
    I hope your neighbours appreciated it

    1. I waited until I got inside so only my immediate neighbour had the pleasure

  2. In between the two Ramones shows I caught on the End of the Century tour, their cover of Baby I Love You charted, so the band hastily stuck the song into the set. Even though it was a slow ballad, therefore sticking out a bit from the rest of the setlist, Dee Dee still prefaced the performance with a (slightly more sedately paced than usual) 1-2-3-4.
    I know you're not a massive late-period Tom Waits fan CC, but I think his world weary cover of Danny Says is marvellous.

  3. Mint condition, £4.99? Blimey, that's what I call a bargain!

    1. It was a few years ago Robster when vinyl was out of fashion and there wasn't the silly price there are today

  4. I was a junior in High School when End Of The Century came out. The Spector/Ramones Wall of Sound was a shock on first listen, but it took hold pretty quickly. When I saw them a few times that year, there wasn't a lot of End Of The Century in their set, but by then they were like the old guard of Punk for me so I wanted all the greatest hits so I could feel part of the show.