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Monday, 17 August 2020

Straight to Hell

They think it's all over ..... it is now.
We are all going straight to hell in a handcart.
Let's face it a Blues number was always going to appeal to the heathens amongs us.
And so it came to pass the Hellish John Lee Hooker resoundingly thrashed the Heavenly Mississippi Fred McDowall taking the final score to Heaven 6  Hell 10.

So no more Living in Limbo or being stuck on Purgatory Road. But let's face it the Devil has all the best tunes.
Folk seem to have enjoyed this series and it is always good to have some audience participation.
I've got another such series up my sleeve which I'll get round to after a couple  of weeks  break
Until then it is only fitting that as Ernie Goggins might say, we finish with the mandatory reggae version of the first victor in this series

Horace Andy - Straight to Hell

Jimmy Cliff - Sitting in Limbo

Tom Russell - Purgatory Road


  1. Enjoy your break. I'm in a similar quandary over how to continue since the new blogger platform seems unworkable. A switch to Wordpress is a massive move but it may be my only option. Looking forward to your new series, however / wherever that may be.

  2. I'm happy to go to hell if you're all going to be there too.

    CC, Rol - honestly, don't worry about the new Blogger. I really think it's fine, it just took me a short while to get used to it, but it's been improved considerably even since first trying it out and I really can't tell much difference now. Certainly less differenceIt'll be second nature before you know it and surely take less adjusting than switching platforms altogether ( I find it easier than even just leaving a comment on Wordpress sites!)

    Look forward to new series CC.

  3. And what a cracker it is too. Thanks for yet another excellent series, CC

  4. Enjoy your break and have a good time. And I understand well that you struggle with the new blogger platform.

  5. Enjoyed the series, CC. Hope you get to stop by a couple of charity shops while on the road.

  6. Great series CC. I have a real soft spot for Horace's reading of Straight to Hell. Have a good break.

  7. Like everybody else, really enjoyed your Heaven or Hell series. Looking forward to what you'll come up with next. If you're holidaying in the UK remember your umbrella and whatever else you do DON'T listen to the news!