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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Isolation Sessions

The Isolation Sessions was conceived on 17th March 2020 as a chance for Last Night From Glasgow artists to engage in a creative project and raise money for venues and record stores affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. Incredibly, by 22nd April, twenty three artists has recorded each other's songs for this unique snapshot of unprecedented times.

The above is from the back cover of my copy which was delivered the other day
And this from a recent e-mail:

Our first pressing run of The Isolation Sessions is almost sold out. We have already donated over £3,000 stock to independent record stores and donated £3,000 to support local venues and events. More will follow.
We have decided to repress the album on both Crystal Clear Vinyl and Transparent Pink Vinyl - 125 of each. They will be shipping in around 5 weeks time and can be pre-ordered now. We still have a handful of Purple and Black vinyl left from the original run.

Tracks from : Broken Chanter, Gracious Losers, Sister John, Cloth, Close Lobsters, Annie Booth, Lola In Slacks, L-space, Nicol & Elliott, Zoe Bestel, Medicine Men, Deer Leader, Bis, Slime City, The Martial Arts, The Muldoons, Life Model, Mt. Doubt, Carla Easton, Vulture Party, Foundlings; Andre Salvador and Lemon Drink. Mixed By Chris Smith & Mastered by Paul McGeechan.
Buy the album on Vinyl along with a T-shirt and get a free Isolation Tote bag

Available from £8 to £25 and for a great  cause from the link above. You know what to do.
Here are Lola in Slacks covering Broken Chanter's Don't Move to Denmark

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  1. LNFG is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels. That new album from the Muldoons is one of the best I have heard this year.