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Monday, 10 August 2020

Heaven or Hell 16

A near unanomous win last week for Hüsker Dü  and The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill over The Primevals with Living in Hell. 
Therefore the Heaven revival continues  with the score now being Hell 9 Heaven 6.

While I still have a number of tracks for consideration the quality is maybe beginning to diminish particularly on the Hell front and I was struggling a bit this week for inspiration.
Fortunately help was at had in the shape of our old friend ramone666 from the ever excellent For the Sake of the Song.
He has provided  two cracking Blues numbers for your consideration this week.

Will Mississippi Fred McDowell continue the Heaven revival with Wished I Was in Heaven Sitting Down or will John Lee Hooker with Burning Hell get us over the line?

Who's it going to be
Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours.

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Wished I Was in Heaven Sitting Down

John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell


  1. John Lee Hooker and Hell for me

  2. Hell for me too, but with a heavy heart

  3. Heaven for me, but only just.

  4. I thought we were doing the equivalent of taking the ball to the corner flag in stoppage time in a desperate attempt to eke out a 9-9 draw resulting in an eschatalogical maelstrom of an ultimate biblical apocalyptic final all or nothing tie-breaker.........but sadly it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Hell for me too.

  5. Sorry, late again. Fortunately I'm going with the majority vote. Hooker in Hell.