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Sunday, 9 August 2020

Is this Love

Is this Love?
Well yes it is actually.
Love is the 3rd album from 1987 on the Sire label from East Kilbride's finest Aztec Camera.

Well when I say Aztec Camera it is actually  the boy wonder Roddy Frame with a group of session musicians. It includes  a few songs with an R&B influence in an (unsuccessful) attempt to break the US market.It did however reach number 10 in the UK.

Now it may not be their best album - that would be High Land Hard Rain - but it does contain three of their best songs..

Killermount Street - have you ever heard a more achingly  beautiful song about a bus station?

Aztec Camera - How Men Are

Aztec Camera - Somewhere in my Heart

Aztec Camera - Killermont Street


  1. I always find people get a bit sniffy about this album, but I love it.

  2. It is an album made up of some very fine songs and some better than average ones mired in a mid 80s mid atlantic production

  3. I really like How Men Are. Drew is right about the production on Love though, it is just a step to far for the really great songs included on the album.

  4. Track 2 is the same file as track 1?

    I mean, 'How Men Are' is a fine song, but I'd prefer to hear 'Somewhere In My Heart'...