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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Little and Large #3

For this weeks's Little and Large read Tiny and Giant.

The Tiny is New Zealand singer Holly Fullbrook with her band Tiny Ruins. We saw them at Celtic Connections in 2015 along with Blue Rose Code.
I was a bit disappointed with the live set to be honest but this song Carriages which is  part of a free CD conpilation I picked up called New Zealand Country Focus is rather good. Somewhat reminiscent of This is the Kit - no bad thing.

The Large are Tuscon desert noir band Giant Sand with a number from their 2000 album Chore of Enchantment on the Loose label (on Thrill Jockey in the States).

More next Wednesday.

Tiny Ruins - Carriages

Giant Sand - Astonished (In Memphis)


  1. Tiny Ruins sound good. Not as good though as Kacy&Clayton!!

  2. Loved Giant Sand around the time this track was released. Rather lost track of them in recent years.

    I hope Ultrasound will find their way into this feature - their lead singer is called Tiny.