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Monday 27 August 2018

This Song is Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson

I'm not really a fan of live albums and I suspect I probably only have a couple of dozen if that..
My favourite is undoubtedly The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Live at the Hammersmith Odeon on 24th May 1975.
First owned on cassette and subsequently upgraded to second hand vinyl for a quid when you could by vinyl at sensible prices.
The Tomahawk Kid  followed by Delilah. With all due respect to Sir Tom this is THE definitive version.

Partly inspired by the homage to Alex Harvey on the recent BBC Rip it Up documentary and a newspaper article featuring Ted McKenna extolling the virtues of fellow drummer Keith Moon.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Tomahawk Kid

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah


  1. I love a live album, me and this a very good one, especially Framed.


  2. I saw Alex's T-shirt on display as part of the Rip It Up exhibition in Edinburgh. The white stripes on his iconic shirt went pink because a pair of red pants had been in the wash at the same time. Every T-shirt from then on had to be washed with red pants!

  3. I briefly met Alex Harvey in 1975 shortly after a fantastic gig in Ipswich. He was a very nice man and tolerated my teenage blathering, though seemed very old to me. He was actually only 39 at the time, but tragically only had another seven years left.
    SAHB's is great, but my all-time favourite live album would have to be 'It's Alive' by The Ramones.

    1. I thought he was ancient too back in the day. The same age as my dad and now as I head towards 57 the thought has just struck me that I could have a child that age.