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Sunday 26 August 2018

My Son Calls Another Man Daddy

When Jr was good

No accidental series of the Most Country of Country Song Titles would be complete without a contribution from The Hillbilly Shakespeare himself Hank Williams.

My Son Calls Another Man Daddy is a salutary tale about the perils of going down the wrong road, ending up in jail and coming out to find that your family have moved on in your absence. A lesson there if ever there was one.

Surprisingly given the subject nature of many of his songs there are not that many which would be automatically included in this series.

Hank Williams -My Son Calls Another Man Daddy

Hank Williams -Take These Chains From My Heart


  1. No, not many Hank songs that spring to mind for this series. His grandson, on the other hand, gave us Torn Between Suicide & Breakfast... and a few others which are fun but quite sweary.

    1. Not quite sure why but I have nothing by Hank III
      I do know why I have nothing by Jr - he's pants!