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Thursday 30 August 2018

I'm Not Afraid of You

About a month or so ago Jez featured some music by Carmel. At the time I commented that I had some stuff by her and that I really should get round to playing some of it.
I've now finally done just that. Turns out I've more of Ms McCourt's records than I thought - namely The Drum is Everything, The Falling and the 12 inch of I'm Not Afraid of You which is the one  I'm featuring today.

Confusingly the 2 songs on the b-side are in a different order to that listed on the sleeve.
They are also probably as near to Jazz as you are ever likely to get on these pages

Carmel -I'm Not Afraid of You (Extended Remix)

Carmel - Daddy Long Legs

Carmel - Energize My Soul

1 comment:

  1. I have quite a bit of Carmel on the collection, but I don’t have this extended remix. Love it and the cover. It’s on the list.