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Sunday 12 August 2018

Must You Throw Dirt in My Face

Must you keep telling me you've got a new love I don't need you to remind me
Must you keep telling me I look so lonesome and that my better days are behind me
Must you keep showing me pictures of him and boasting of his warm embrace
You've already put big old tears in my eyes must you throw dirt in my face
It would take  a brave woman to taunt Ira Louvin in such a way given that he once tried to strangle his wife with a telephone cord. She did, however, extract revenge by shooting him four times. He survived but died along with his fourth wife in a car crash aged 41.
There was somewhat of a dichotomy between Ira's hard drinking lifestyle and his Baptist faith.
The altogether more sensible Charlie lasted until 83 dying on pancreatic cancer.

Oh, and just before we go please remember that Satan is Real


  1. Great duo. Great harmonies. Great songs. The follow-up to Satan Is Real - "My Baby's Gone" is a must have album.

  2. He was a one, that Ira, wasn't he?

  3. Always great to listen to the ongs of Satan Is Real. Thanks CC

  4. Love these guys. I seem to remember Elvis Costello did a pretty cool version of the first track too.