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Saturday 18 August 2018

Sin City

Another recent charity shop acquisition is Sin City - 14 L..A. Rock Classics yet another Uncut compilation this time from February 2014.
Plenty of quality on display but the likes of The Flying Burrito Brothers (I wonder what songs!), Little Feat, Green on Red, NWA and The Blasters will have to take their chances at a later date.

Rather I have gone for two folkies who lived fast and died young. and two who I don't really have anything by.
Tim Buckley has appeared briefly before as part of my Burnt Offerings series. The name is more familiar to me than the music.
However this version of Chase The Blues Away from his 1969 album Live at the Troubadour is rather special.
Equally special is Dark of My Moon from former Byrd Gene Clark taken from Gypsy Angel:The Gene Clark Demos 1983-1990.

Further exploration on both counts clearly required

Tim Buckley - Chase The Blues Away

Gene Clark - Dark of My Moon


  1. Tim Buckley's "Greetings from L.A." is a must have, if only for his incredible vocal on "Sweet Surrender".

  2. Jeff's dad! I have a pretty good Tim Buckley compilation somewhere.

  3. In my humble opinion, this is just about the best of the Uncut comps.