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Friday 10 August 2018

Disco Friday #4 - Can You Feel It

It's 1981 and we are off again to Club Tropicana for another Friday night of disco stompers.

The Jacksons surely need no introduction - Jackie, Tito, Marlon , Randy and young Michael (wonder whatever happened to him?).
From March 81 Can You Feel It only reached number 77 in the US pop charts and number 30 in the R&B charts. It did better in the UK reaching number 6 and even better in The Netherlands where it one off the top spot.

Body Talk was the debut album by Imagination who I didn't realise were a British bands.Reaching number 4 it was their second most successful single bettered only by Just an Illusion which got to number 2. Not sure how it did in The Netherlands.

I shudder to think how Alyson's friend  who used to dance very literally to the lyrics would have interpreted these two numbers!

Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it
Can you

The Jacksons - Can You Feel It

Imagination - Body Talk

1 comment:

  1. Just to clarify, he wasn't really a friend, more someone we knew locally (trying to distance herself here) but fortunately never had to see him "perform" to these two disco hits.

    I have to laugh when you say we're off to Club Tropicana as it is the name of one of our few local nightspots - They specialise in 80s music and they all know DD there as she has inherited the dancing gene and does likes to do a bit of showboating. (My showboating days are long gone, sadly.)