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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Foxy Foxy Foxy

I looked out the window yesterday morning to see a fox and two fox cubs cavorting in our back garden.
This explains where the chewed tennis balls and dog toys have been coming from.
They were there for about ten minutes jumping about and having a rare old time.

I could have posted Fox (but they were on a couple of weeks ago) Allie Fox, Foreignfox, John Foxx or perhaps the Fleet Foxes.
Alternatively we could have had the Silver Fox Charlie Rich or the Swamp Fox Tony Joe White.

But no I have decided to go for three songs with fox (or foxy) in the title

The Sweet - Fox On The Run

Mott the Hoople - Foxy Foxy

The Waco Brothers - The Fox


  1. We used to get large groups of foxes squealing down the street in the we small hours when we lived in the city and when we visit my Aunt in the East End of London the same thing often happens. Since we moved out to the sticks seven years ago I've seen precisely two foxes - and one of them was being shot (probably illegally) by a farmer. Just lately though, a lone fox woke us by making unearthly noises at the dead of night out on the marsh behind our house - a terrifying racket that completely freaked us out several nights in a row. Still to clap eyes on the blighter though.
    Great tunes. 'Foxy Foxy' is one of my favourite Mott the Hoople singles.

  2. What a great pic, really lovely.
    In a similar way to TS, have seen fewer foxes since living in the country than in the town, although there is evidence of them - I think they're just more secretive and cautious here, not as bold and blatant somehow.
    Fox/foxes/foxy seem very much present in music, though, referenced in so many songs and artist names, I wonder why that is?

  3. Our lone beach fox is long gone.

  4. Great picture CC - Glad you don't have any small animals in the back garden in a run though.

    A bit of Sweet on a Tuesday never goes wrong either.

  5. What, no Samantha? Kidding. You did just fine with this trio.

  6. Julian Cope - Reynard The Fox.

    I can feel a Fox Top Ten coming on.

    I would also mention Foxy Shazam, if you want to know what Freddie Mercury tribute acts do in their spare time...