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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Last Thursday (28th June) saw  the hottest temperature ever recorded in Scotland  a whopping 33.2C
In Motherwell! Two miles from my office where I was dissolving into a sweaty heap. It was like stepping into a furnace when leaving the building.
By the end of the week I suspect that a hosepipe ban will be in place and beer may be rationed given the current C02 shortages.
It is set to continue well into next week when I will be on holiday. Result!
Good to know that there is no such thing as global warning. Eh, Donald?

I won't be the only one featuring this over the summer

Lovin' Spoonful -Summer in the City

Lovin' Spoonful -Daydream


  1. Thankfully it's generally been a far more comfortable temperature here in the East, with a light coastal breeze taking the edge off. Hope you get the weather you're after for your hols though...and that you come back with plenty of charity shop gold.

    1. It was definitely cooler in Norfolk!

  2. Seems this is now being challenged and may be null and void.
    It was still pretty hot though