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Sunday 8 July 2018

Americana 2012

I could be wrong but I think that I may have stumbled across an Americana compilation that I have not subjected you to before.
From June 2012 an Uncut compilation Americana 2012 - 15 brilliant new tracks of Cosmic American Music.

Around then I was having a hiatus as I was a bit burnt out with Americana so I am not overly familiar with all the artists featured.
Dawes, Beachwood Sparks and Father John Misty ring bells as does Dr John (not quite sure what he's doing on here though).
Sharon Van Etten is another name that I am familiar with, more so than with her music. It's not unpleasant though.

The pick of the bunch for me are Deer Tick and I feel that I will be tracking down their album Divine Providence on the ever reliable Loose label sooner rather than later.

Sharon Van Etten -Serpents

Deer Tick - Main Street


  1. I liked "The Banks Of The Leopold Canal" by The Deep Dark Woods from that sampler, but they're pretty dark and doomy.

    1. It was between Sharon and that one Lynchie