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Monday, 30 July 2018

The Detroit Cobras

The other day I was cleaning up my hard drive trying to create more space when I stumbled across an ICA on the Detroit Cobras written by Dirk
Fortunately as Dirk is such a brilliant writer it saves me the time and trouble of having to bother.
I've featured them a couple of times before and this time round I'm going for a couple of songs that do not appear on the ICA or on my previous posts namely Boss Lady from Life, Love and Leaving and Cha Cha Twist from Baby.

I shall sign of in a Dirk stylee.


The Detroit Cobras - Boss Lady

The Detroit Cobras - Cha Cha Twist


  1. Just noticed that Dirk featured Cha Cha Twist but I'm sure that there are no objections to hearing it again!

  2. An apt moment to dust off a favourite old phrase - what a glorious racket.

  3. Pretty sure my only gripe with that ICA was the omission of 'Boss Lady'. Thanks for straightening that out, CC!

  4. Tough work following up Dirk, but these are some mighty fine selections.

  5. Boss Lady is ace(and thus just perfect to hear it here again), but as you might imagine, it was rather hard to choose only 10 numbers .... something just HAD to be abandoned!