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Sunday 1 July 2018

Hotter Than July-ly-ly

July already. Where does the time go when you're having fun?
It is now the Scottish school holidays which means traditionally that it chucks it down with rain for a few weeks.
Not this year but.This spell of unseasonally hot weather shows no sign of abating.
All those folk flying out for a holiday in the sun are looking back jealously at the temperatures back home.
Me - it is so hot that I am being forced to shelter indoors watching the World Cup.
Feel free to feel sorry for me.

Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster (Jammin')

Goldfrapp -Little Bird


  1. Well it's actually raining here. In July. Chucking it down. Red Sky July??? It's Grey Sky July here

  2. Two smashing games yesterday.

  3. Fortunately, on the East coast we're not getting the worst of it. A gentle breeze is taking the edge off and making life bearable.

  4. Rather taken with Red Sky July.

    Heard July Is A Woman by John Stewart on the radio the other day. That would have fit nicely here.