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Tuesday 10 July 2018

Little Black Numbers

Executive Cat Flap

I was aware of the name Kathryn Williams but not the music.I had an inkling that she was a singer songwriter with a folkie slant.
Her second album Little Black Numbers from 2000 on Caw Records seemed a pretty good place to start particularly as it had been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.
She has since released several more records either on her own or collaborations  with other artists as well as with bands The Crayonettes and The Pond . She also hosts  residential songwriting courses.

It is rather pleasant

Kathryn Williams - Soul to Feet

Kathryn Williams -Fell Down Fast

Nothing to see here for a few days as we are off on our travels.
Hopefully I will return with some new purchases and with my creative juices flowing.
I feel things have been pretty stale here recently.
I would welcome some suggestions for some new series. I have one idea but am open to others.


  1. Enjoy your few days off. Hope to see you back with a lot of purchases CC

  2. Have a splendid time on your travels. Hope you return fully laden with new tunes.
    How about introducing a twist on your previous Covers Vs Originals series'. I seem to remember that you've picked up a fair number of Blues compilations over the years, so why not pitch a Blues original against a more contemporary 'rock' cover for us to to vote on every week? eg 'Crossroads' - Robert Johnson Vs Cream, 'Dust My Broom' - Elmore James Vs Fleetwood Mac or 'I Can't Be Satisfied' - Muddy Waters Vs The Rolling Stones. There must be loads of others. Just a thought.

  3. How about you buy some things from charity shops then feature them here? It would suit the title of the blog. Can't believe you haven't thought of that sooner...

    Enjoy your hols.

  4. Have a good holiday Stevie, recharge your blogging batteries.

  5. Hope you find a gaggle of goodies. Enjoy your holiday, pal.

  6. Have a nice holiday CC. As for a new series - My American Odyssey in Song seems to be on hiatus at the moment and you would tackle it totally differently from me. 50 states, 50 songs - Are you up for it?

  7. I second both The Swede and Alyson's suggestions. Enjoy your break.