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Sunday 29 July 2018

My Wife Thinks You're Dead

The second instalment in what has become my new accidental Sunday series and one which I think that I will call The Most Country of Country Song Titles (or some such thing)
You appear to know the drill as I had some great suggestions in last week's comments section.

This week's offering is My Wife Think's Your Dead by Junior Brown.
From his 1993 album Guit With It so called in recognition of his somewhat peculiar "guit-steel" double neck guitar.

Another series which potentially could run and run.

Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks You're Dead

Junior Brown - Doin' What Comes Easy To a Fool


  1. Great tunes and what an odd instrument! Someone in Nashville should cover Robyn Hitchcock's 'My Wife and My Dead Wife' so that it qualifies foe this series.

  2. Excellent stuff. I hope this series never runs dry!